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Cosmetic surgery: Tips to avoid risks if you want to undergo surgery

Anyone who uses cosmetic surgery thinks about improving or beautifying a part of their body. The nose, the breasts, the abdomen… Even the navel can be molded at the whim of the patient thanks to the magic of the scalpel! However, behind the success of a cosmetic surgery operation, there is much more than a beautiful nose or firm and natural breasts. Plastic surgeons also take care, for example, that the organs undergoing surgery or those that are close to the operated area do not present any alteration at a functional level.

Search the Internet for doctors who have the title of plastic surgeons

People who operate without timely titration use the fact that the patient is poorly informed. In fact, according to the SECPRE survey, 65.17% who undergo cosmetic surgery do not report the qualification of the doctor who will perform it. But the Internet is a great ally since it contains all the information about a medical professional: his biography, his positive comments, his criticisms … SECPRE has a search engine where all plastic surgeons with a degree can be located who they practice in our country.

Ask three licensed plastic surgeons for advice.

It is very positive and very convenient to ask for one, two opinions, or up to three medical opinions with qualified surgeons. This will allow us to assess what interests us the most. It is common for each surgeon to give a different opinion on the same intervention since, in Plastic Surgery, there are no strict techniques. The aspect of training and experience of each surgeon here is very important: each one does well with a technique depending on each case, their ideas, their hands, and their knowledge. That is not why he is wrong.

Talk to the three surgeons face to face and see what trust they convey.

Let’s not forget that the doctor must transmit confidence. And a plastic surgeon must be, above all, a good doctor. It is not about operating well but also understanding the patient.

Go to the Internet to check the opinions about the surgeon.

Knowing who we put ourselves in is essential to avoid bad results, but you also have to know how to filter criticism, because there are difficult patients who obsess and also leave their comments.

Ask what type of hospital is going to have the operation.

If we are talking about surgeries, we must ensure that the surgeon operates in a qualified hospital. In this sense, the larger the hospital in which we are going to operate, the better. We should not consent to be operated in a licensed clinic with an operating room, even if it is in the city center. These operating rooms do not usually have an ICU or a blood bank, something that is basic in large hospitals because they are used to doing maximum operations and give operating rooms great agility and experience.…

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The Daily Life Of A Cosmetic Surgeon

The cosmetic surgeon is a doctor specialized in restorative, cosmetic, and plastic surgery. He/she performs surgical procedures to modify the bodily appearance of a person at his request.

From Surgery To Psychology

The surgeon is not only content to operate and beautify his patients. It must identify the real motivations of its customers, to know if they are ready to undergo an intervention which is not without risk. A psychological approach is essential. This is why a preliminary interview is essential. After this first meeting, a period of fifteen days for reflection is granted to the patients so that they can take the time to weigh the pros and cons and take a step back. The surgeon provides psychological support. Some customers are open and express their desires and expectations, but some are not enough. It is the surgeon’s responsibility to understand these if this specialist doctor considers that they are not psychologically ready, not mature enough, too young, or that their desires are unrealistic.

Anticipation And Prevention

As in all professions in the medical sector, anticipation and prevention are very important. He must examine each of his patients with a fine comb during an initial consultation. Certain surgical histories, allergies, heart, kidney or liver problems, infections, diabetes, cholesterol … can prevent any intervention. It does not want to endanger the health or the life of its customers. He must also explain to them the contraindications linked to cosmetic surgery, the postoperative operations. He has a duty to inform his patients. It also reassures them about the end result.

Skills / Qualities needed for this job


  • Mastery of anatomy
  • Passion, Patience, and thoroughness
  • Good physical resistance, manual skill.

What Training To Follow To Become A Cosmetic Surgeon?

The studies to become a cosmetic surgeon are very long and difficult. We must, therefore, be patient and motivated. Applicants must first follow the same educational background as general practitioners (6 years of medicine) before specializing in surgery.

At the end of studies, future doctors obtain a Diploma of Specialized Studies and a State diploma of doctor of medicine after the defense of a thesis. Upon graduation, candidates must then specialize in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery for four years.

Job Opportunities

The beauty criteria conveyed by the media are not without consequences. The demands and needs are of all kinds and are increasing day by day. Cosmetic surgery is no longer the only prerogative for women. Men are increasingly using this practice for purposes of rejuvenation or embellishment. Cosmetic surgeons are in great demand and sought after. However, they compete with foreign surgeons who offer more affordable prices.

Professional evolution

National and international renown, the expansion of the address book, but also the opening of practice is proof of good professional success.

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The Ideal Time For Plastic Surgery

These months when the heat is not yet noticeable, are a good opportunity to undergo this type of intervention, get to summer better, and have a more comfortable post-operative.

Although most plastic surgeries can be performed at any time of the year, doing them in the less hot months can be more comfortable for the patient, especially if it is necessary to wear compression suits in the post-operative period and for the care of bruises and scars.

But regardless of the time, it is decided to enter the hall, following the specialist’s instructions is essential to achieve the expected results.


It consists of the aspiration of fat in different areas of the body. It is not a weight loss surgery, but is intended to better define the contours of the body and face, and serves as a complement to other surgeries such as breast reduction, tummy tuck, and hip surgery.

Breast reduction

It consists of lifting and reducing the volume of large and sagging breasts, generally associated with back pain, exercise limitations, and difficulties in finding clothes to dress. In the postoperative period, the use of a support bra is indicated for one month, and physical exercise is restricted.

Breast augmentation with implants

It is one of the most requested surgeries. It can be done with silicone implants also, in those patients who meet the conditions, with fat grafting on one or more occasions.


Nose surgery is a very frequent cosmetic procedure that deals with different external aspects. It allows modifying the shape of the tip and the nasal dorsum, to modify the angle between the lip and the nose and to narrow the nasal bones, among other things. The fundamental thing in rhinoplasty is to plan it according to each patient considering their own characteristics.…

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How to choose the best Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) surgeon in Miami

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex and demanding surgeries. Finding a surgeon to reshape your nose is more difficult than finding a specialist to carry out other types of plastic surgeries of the face. Poor surgical techniques can cause permanent deformity and therefore it is important to make your choice carefully. Though no rhinoplasty result can be said to be perfect, choosing an experienced surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty will help you get the desired results. It can also mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful procedure. There are several tips that you can use to choose the best Miami rhinoplasty specialist.

Training, experience and expertise in the industry

The most important thing when choosing a rhinoplasty specialist is to ensure that the physician has advanced training in the field. Bear in mind that not all surgeons are trained in rhinoplasty. Experience and expertise are also important factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty requires a surgeon to have extensive training and extremely specialized skills to offer optimal results. Therefore, you need to confirm this with your surgeon. You can also research the credentials of the medical professional.

It is important for the surgeon to address also the airway. Even if you have no problem in the airway, you might end up suffering from breathing problems if the surgery is carried out without a concern for the airway. A surgeon who has an understanding of the airway is also likely to have a better understanding of the nasal anatomy and dynamics. The Miami rhinoplasty specialist should also be comfortable performing the endonasal and external approaches.

What is your goal?

You should choose a rhinoplasty surgeon who can help you to accomplish your goal for the procedure. A qualified surgeon should give you projections of what you should expect from the surgery and should ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results. The professional should determine whether you have a functional or aesthetic goal of the procedure and the aspect of the nose that you expect to change.

Look at the reviews of the surgeon

Look at the positive reviews of the previous patients to find out if the Miami rhinoplasty surgeon has carried out many successful procedures. Bear in mind that the best surgeon can help to ensure that you suffer from minimal complications after the surgery and that you are satisfied with the results. You can ask the doctor for the before and after photo of their patients.

Board certification

Find out if the Rhinoplasty surgeon is board certified. Two of the key certifications to look out for are the ABPS and ABFPS. However, this is not enough proof that the surgeon has the necessary expertise in rhinoplasty as the procedure requires a lot of experience. Ensure that the surgeon is certified in ear, nose and throat surgery and that he or she understands the breathing dynamics. Ensure that your surgery will take place in a clinic that is board certified by the accrediting agencies such as Medicare.

Bedside manners

Aside from the surgical skills and results of the surgeon, another important factor is your confidence in the surgeon. Choose an honest doctor who is realistic with you and makes you feel comfortable asking questions. Consider whether you have a sense that the Miami rhinoplasty surgeon will provide good care. Find out if the professional will provide the necessary support incase of a complication or unforeseen occurrences.

The initial consultation

The initial consultation is a great opportunity to get a feel of the care to expect and understand the surgeon better. A good doctor-patient relationship will go a long way in ensuring that you have a good experience. Find out if the surgeon listens to your concern and if he or she appears interested in addressing them. Check whether the physician performs a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the nose. Does the specialist provide different options for addressing your aesthetic goals? If you feel as if this is not the right surgeon for you during the consultation, you should go on with your search.


At times, there may be a need for revision surgeries to touch on the minor imperfections. Revision rhinoplasty is usually more complicated and costs more. Choosing the right Miami rhinoplasty specialist will reduce the chances of complications that may call for revision surgeries.…

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